To enter you must fill in the official entry form. You will be able to submit your team online, or you can download the entry form from here
Every participant must pay an entry fee of $25.($1.00 will go towards the web hosting bill for the web site).
If you submit a paper entry form, the official entry form and fee must be received together for your entry to be accepted.
Entry is available to all your friends and colleagues, but remember this is all for fun.
Entry forms will only be accepted by John Gross in person
If you need to email in an entry, you can submit it to, Payment can be arranged electronically. All electronic entries will have validity confirmed via email.
Invalid applications will be rejected, and entry fees will be returned.
Any entries that do not have payment confirmed before kickoff of round 2 will be null and void.
You may have more than one entry, each entry must have a different manager name. In this case you must submit separate application forms and pay the entry fee for each entry you make.

Team Selection

Each participant in FFLau will have £100 million to spend on a "team".
Each team must consist of one defensive team from group 1, one defensive team from group 2 and any six attacking players from the list of players provided.
All teams and players are listed on the pricing page
There is no limit to the amount of players you can select from any one club.
You may only select each individual player once.
The total value of your team may be less than or equal to £100.


Each round of the official English Premier League fixture list constitutes an FFLau round.
If a game is not played in a round for any reason, your score for that round is "interim" until all games for a round have been played.
For example, if a game in round 2 is abandoned due to snow, or rescheduled due to fixture clashes, and is played in January 2017, then your score for that round will only be finalised after the game has been caught up.

Where your team changes as a result of transfers, your score will be calculated based upon your team at the time the round was originally scheduled.
For example. Your two defensive teams were Liverpool and Tottenham, and the Liverpool vs Tottenham in round 11 is deferred and is played at a later dat
That later date was after the second transfer window, where you changed your defensive teams to Manchester United, and Fulham.
When the Liverpool vs Tottenham game was eventually played (and drawn 1-1), you would still receive 2 goals in your "against" score for that match.

Transfer Windows

Each manager will have two transfer opportunities.
The first window will be opened during November 2017 (between Round 11 and Round 12), and the second during February 2018 (Between Round 27 and 28). You will receive a reminder near the time
These windows are usually held during an international break, giving each entrant a 2 week window in which to make their desired changes.
Please note that all transfers will become effective on the transfer deadline, and not at the time the changes are requested.
Up to two changes will be permitted during each transfer window. You are not required to make changes during a transfer window.
You are not permitted to carry forward unused transfers from the first window to the second window.
You must submit your changes (if any) prior to the deadline for your changes to be accepted. Changes received after the deadline will not be accepted
New price lists will be drawn up to reflect current form at each transfer window.

Injuries, Retirements and Transfers

If one of your players obtains an injury, they remain in your team and cannot be substituted.
If one of your players leaves premiership football on a permanent basis (loan deals do not count), he may be swapped for an alternative player on the price list with equal or lesser value. Once this swap has been made it cannot be reversed.
Please note, you will not be informed when a player has been sold/transferred and thus liable for a free swap, you will be required to submit a request for the free transfer.

Rules of Play

The goals scored (including penalties) by attacking players you have selected, represent your goals scored total for each round.
The goals conceded (including penalties) by defensive teams you have selected represent your goals conceded total for each round.
The goals scored are matched against the goals conceded for each round.
If your team scores more goals than they concede, you have a victory, and score 3 points.
If your team scores the same number of goals as they conceded, you have a draw, and score 1 point.
If you team scores less goals than they concede, you have a loss, and score 0 points
Group 1 Defensive Team: Liverpool £19m
Group 2 Defensive Team: Blackburn £16m
Attacking Players: Louis Saha(Everton) £12m Kenwyne Jones(Sunderland) £9m John Carew(Aston Villa) £11m Carlos Tevez(Man City) £18m Ryan Giggs(Man Utd) £6m Andy Carroll (Newcastle) £9m

During round 1:
Arsenal defeat West Bromwich Albion 1-0
Aston Villa defeat Manchester City 2-1 (John Carew scored 2 goals, Tevez scored 1 goal)
Bolton Wanderers defeat Stoke City 1-0
Everton draw Blackburn Rovers 2-2
Birmingham draw Fulham Fulham 1-1
Blackpool Defeat Tottenham 4-0
West Ham United defeat Wigan Athletic
Sunderland draw Liverpool 0-0
Chelsea defeat Portsmouth 3-0
Manchester United draw Newcastle United 1-1 (Giggs did not score, Caroll did not play)

The goals for your team would be 3 goals for (2 from Carew, 1 from Tevez). The goals against for your team would be 2 (2 goals conceded by Blackburn). the end result would be 3 5-2 victory, and you would score 3 points for the round.


Contact Information - click here

Transfer Window Rules

The first window will be opened during November 2017 (between Round 11 and Round 12), and the second during February 2018 (Between Round 27 and 28). All transfer requests must be submitted by the transfer Deadline
Please note that all transfers will become effective as from kickoff of the first game on transfer deadline day.

2 changes are allowed free of charge in each transfer window.
When making transfers all the original team selection rules still apply.
When you sell a player or team, you receive their original purchase price in return, and not their current price.
When you purchase a team or player you pay their current price, and not their original price.
If a players cost has fallen you may not sell him at his original price and buy him back at the lower rate.
If you are unsure of the original price you paid for a team or player, please view your team here